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Catalina Island

"A little slice of heaven"

Catalina is a small island (only 15 square km) which is located a few kilometres off the coast of La Romana in the Caribbean Sea. The island was given it's name by the famous navigator Christopher Columbus on his travels through the area in May 1494.


Catalina Island is an excellent location for diving and snorkelling. Its virgin beaches consisting of fine white sands and calm waters make it an incredibly beautiful place. It's waters are teeming with coral, including a "Living Museum of the Sea"  created by Captain Kidd's shipwreck located just off the island at a depth of 21 meters.

Hawksbill turtles come here to nest between the months of June and October of each year due to it's warm waters.

You can visit Catalina Island by organizing an excursion with us.

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