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Magallanes Beach

"A local favourite"

This is probably the favourite beach of most of the foreigners who reside in Bayahibe. It is hidden in a small bay and offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. The water is always crystal clear and waves only form when there is a lot of wind. This beach is most well known for the excellent snorkelling in the area.

It is one of the "secret jewels" of Bayahibe. Due to its location (which is not very commercial), it is rarely crowded. There are no loungers or restaurants available, and no loud music. You can talk a walk on the rocks and look for the small pools that have formed over time. Be aware, rocks are coral formations are often sharp, so take extra care, if you want to explore we recommend to wear reef shoes.

The seabed is mainly rocks, except for a strip of sand that allows access to the water. If you just want to swim, pay extra attention to the rocks at the bottom as they are usually populated by sea urchins. If you also decide to walk along the rocks, please  be extra careful of the coral and sea urchins that live there as we care deeply about the marine life of this beautiful place.

This beach is accessible by car, but there is no real parking so you can park freely, just be careful. 

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