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Bayahibe Village Inn is an innovative and sustainable concept of hospitality called "Albergo Diffuso" or dispersed hotel. The Albergo Diffuso is a hotel company located in a village, made up of several houses, rooms and apartments within close but spacious proximity, with unitary management.

Bayahibe Village Inn offers a variety of accomodation in different areas (all within 150m of each other and from the main lobby). We provide many services to our guests and offer an authentic, amazing Caribbean experience while also enhancing the territory and supporting local businesses.

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On this map of Bayahìbe, you will find a variety of information, restaurants, accommodation options, activities and much more! 



The concept of "Albergo diffuso" was launched in Italy in the early 1980s with the meaning of reviving a small and historic village which was destroyed by an earthquake. It was launched in the Caribbean to enhance, promote and support Bayahibe, a small and beautiful village, that risks being destroyed by mass tourism.

In this country, 80% of visitors end up in large resorts that have defaced nature, privatised beaches and offer very low salaries to workers. They often scare tourists to prevent them from leaving the walls of their all-inclusive resort with the solo purpose of maximising their profits.

These are some of the reasons why we decided to adopt the "albergo diffuso" model for Bayahibe Village and why it assists us to offer an authentic and amazing Caribbean experience and also to promote the entire village, its culture and traditions and to support all local businesses. 

We are only at the beginning and many travellers from all over the world are appreciating what we have achieved. There is still a lot of work to do and we hope to reach the second phase of the project soon. We plan to reinvest 30% of the company's profits in humanity projects. Let's not forget that in this country there are many people living without water or electricity and who work on sugar cane plantations for a few dollars per day.

If you go on vacation to a resort and just enjoy a couple of excursions, you cannot go back to your country and say that you have visited Dominican Republic, the resorts are the same all over the world, they are beautiful, luxurious but disfigure the territory and unfortunately often exploit the local populations. 

We therefore invite you to choose a sustainable holiday, as a true traveler without forfeiting comfort, enjoyment or relaxation.

Fabrizio Annunzi

26th November 2021

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